05 June 2006 

Bye bye

I decided to merge this text-oriented blog with my photoblog. You can find the result on www.timbermont.be/toon/pictures. Enjoy!

10 May 2006 

From 9 to 5

are not my standard working hours ...
Greetings from the office :)

02 May 2006 

A little to do list...

May will be an extremely busy month... so a little list might be a good reminder :)

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25 April 2006 

Visitor from Bordeaux/Paris

Last week-end dream-letter came to Brussels and did a tour of town. My WE was rather filled, so we did not spent a lot of time together but it was a nice reminder of Parisian geekness combined with Bordelaise savoir vivre (or any other applicable combination).

Looking forward to see some of the pictures seen through dream-letter's (polarized?) eyes!

23 April 2006 

Pictures of Brussels ...

I am starting to know Brussels a bit... and getting to like it a lot! One of the reasons is because there are some really nice locations. Which brings me to the fact I just started my photoblog & published the first image - with a great view on a part of Brussels' skyline.

P.S.: comments, tips, remarks etc. are always welcome! Unfortunately, spammers know this as well, so I did not allow comments in the photoblog (yet). Do not hesitate to leave your writings here though!

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